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Rancho Poiema

Our Church Planting School is located at Porvenir near the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe of Ensenada, Baja California. Located just 70 miles south of the city of Tijuana. Rancho Poiema is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Tijuana.

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We offer an eight month program where individuals will be equipped to go out along with their teams to plant churches around the world. Experienced Calvary Chapel pastors and leaders will be coming from the United States, México and abroad to provide biblical teaching and practical training. Each student will learn how to teach verse by verse through the Word of God.

Practical service 

Our students will be putting into practice what they are learning by scheduled evangelism outings, missions trips, and community service as well as serving in various churches. They also will be practicing teaching the Word of God verse by verse on a weekly basis.

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We pray that those who go through our program will be better equipped to fulfill the amazing calling of God in their lives, to love people and to teach them the Word of God wherever He may lead them.

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